Talent search done right

Talent search done right
Who we are
We are a direct talent search firm with the global reach
We love IT, Startups, Technology & Manufacturing
We speak your language and we care about your goals
We find the best talent from Russia & CIS, Europe, Asia and Americas

Who we are
We are a direct talent search firm with the global reach
We love IT, Startups, Technology & Manufacturing
We speak your language and we care about your goals
We find the best talent from Russia & CIS, Europe, Asia and Americas

How we work
We research your company
We dive deep into your business: this is the only way to provide you with the right talents, and this allows us to communicate with candidates and answer all their questions, especially the ones that go beyond the job description
We share statistics
We provide you with the online dashboard where you can track the progress of your search
We source via all channels
We find the best professionals for you via all possible sources: Linkedin, Facebook, Github, Angellist, Deviantart, Job boards, databases, forums, professional communities, messenger channels and direct references from industry experts
We do background checks
Before we show you the candidate we run checks in order to be sure he's the right fit for you. We can also provide you with additional information about his previous projects and portfolio. We will accompany you on all stages of hiring process and provide you with our assessment expertise
We are responsive
You can always chat with us via What's up, Telegram, LinkedIn, Skype or Facebook. You can consult with us on any matter, e.g., how to check the candidate's background, what is an average compensation level for a particular position or we can discuss the latest industry rumors.
All communication between us will remain private

We become your evangelists
When we engage in a search, we become an evangelist for your company for the market. We provide candidates with detailed info about your business, and you do not have to spend your time describing who you are and what you do in every interview. We also act as a mediator between you and the candidate, and we make every stage of recruitment process clear to both parties
Why hire us ?
Our passion for startups and technology allows us to see beyond the horizon. We are always into industry's latest rumors, we know the trends and research opinion leaders to get you the best candidates that can bring the newest ideas and practices for your business
Attracting the best talent brings many questions:

- Where to find the best?
- Is our compensation competitive?
- How to check candidate's skills?

We will help you to find the best candidates, evaluate
your compensation package and compare it to other companies in the industry, help you to conduct trial tests and answer any other questions

We work fast and efficient.
We know that one month is a long period for a startup and that the business can't wait.
We combine latest sourcing techniques with good old networking to get you the best talent ASAP

We believe in Agile methodology.
Kanban board is the core of our research and internal operations.
It helps us to respond quickly to our client's changes during the recruitment process.
And it also means we can set clear deadlines together with you

10 areas

Venture Capital
Software development
5 regions

We are capable of bringing you the best talent from 5 regions:

Russia & CIS

1 week

Takes us to show you the first hand-picked candidate
3 months

Lasts warranty period for our candidates
Services & prices
Talent search

The fee is paid after the candidate starts a new job and is 25% of the total yearly income. For some searches that require hardcore research or confidential projects, we will also ask you to place a security deposit
Retained search

We source valuable data including long-list of candidates for the position, their current status, salary expectations, motivation and preferred contacts.
With this option, we create a tailor-made confidential report for you to retain that will allow you to get a better understanding of the market and key professionals out there. Additionally, we provide an independent assessment of each candidate in the short-list.
Since this option required additional resources from our side, we ask our clients to place a security deposit before the start of the project

Training workshop

We conduct training sessions and workshops to help you and your team gain a better understanding of all stages of recruitment and improve them. Our expertise is based on real cases, we focus on your needs, and this allows us to work out a clear solution to your business challenge.
Price: from $1000 per workshop day with unlimited participants
HR advisory

We provide advisory services on many topics, including team motivation, organizational structure, HR branding, compensation packages, recruitment strategy for both traditional and digital channels, HRtech solutions.
Price: from $100 per hour
Our contacts
Feel free to write and call us. We really love to communicate with our clients.
US: + (315) 636 4455
EU: + (372) 712 1921
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