About HR-tech consulting
We believe that every company is unique and has a different talent. Managing such talent requires a modern approach and ability to adapt the newest technology. Every month a lot of HR-tech solutions emerge on the market and choosing from them is not an easy task. We constantly monitor & test the latest HR-tech in order to help our clients to select an optimal HR technology stack.

We develop a tailor-made HR-tech architecture, provide our clients insights on each HR-tech solution, give detailed description and guidance and carry out training sessions on selected solutions
Sample of automated HR workflow
Sourcing the candidates
There are many ways to get new candidates: direct search, job boards, networking referrals, social networks and old-school email applicants. We study your current recruitment workflow and help you to engage new channels
Applicant tracking system
Applicant tracking system helps you to keep the track of the candidates. All potential hires are automatically added to it. Since ATS is the core of recruitment workflow it is essential to choose the one that suits your business needs and can be integrated with other HR-tech solutions you are using
Recruitment bot
As soon as the candidate gets into the ATS, Recruitment bot begins communication via direct messages, e-mail or a call. The bot does all the initial screening and can even send trial tasks after the screening is done. Recruitment bot works 24/7 and never forgets to provide feedback to the candidates after the interview.
Candidate screening & ranking
Once the candidate passes the screening the bot will send a scorecard and transcript to your applicant tracking system
Auto-scheduled interviews with the team
Candidates who received the top score are invited to the interview with the team. All scheduling is done automatically, your team members are not distracted from their work
Recruitment data analytics
The ranking system automatically collects the scores from each team member who participated in the interview and prepares a report for each candidate. You also get reports on the time & resources spent for each search. This allows you to see a full picture of how much hiring new talent really costs you
Hire the top talent
Make data-driven decisions and hire the top talent from the recruitment funnel
Let's check the budget
$125 000
Initial yearly recruitment budget
(including agency & internal recruiter costs)
$17 000
Yearly cost of all implemented HR-tech tools
$50 000
Current yearly recruitment budget
Talent search solutions
The Challenge
The race for the best talent requires modern tools. With job boards and databases being outdated companies have to search and engage potential candidates directly using a complex search across various social networks and professional communities.
The Solution
As a talent search provider, we know how important it is to use the right instrument for to find a certain talent. We constantly monitor and try the latest search solutions for ourselves and would be happy to share our knowledge with you and help you to unlock the full potential of those tools
Applicant tracking systems
The Challenge
Storing CVs in the folders is a thing of the past, but with so many different ATS solutions on the market it's really hard to make a choice which suits your business best.
The Solution
We will provide you with a detailed review of each solution and help to pick the one that suits your business needs most.
HRM solutions
The Challenge
Growing your team is great, but with more people around you will need to store and manage more personal information on each employee. What usually starts as a simple spreadsheet quickly becomes a bulky and hard to use instrument.
The Solution
Keep your team's essential information in one safe, central location. Automatically calculate compensation, benefits, holidays and sick days. Manage remote workers, their current locations and hours. All in one, friendly interface. Say goodbye to spreadsheets.
HR Surveys
The Challenge
Good HR survey requires more than great methodology but also the right way to ask the questions. Most workers regard HR survey as a complex and stressful thing.
The Solution
We help you to set personalized chat forms, messenger channels or even AI-fueled chatbots can make conducting surveys easy and quick. Automated data collection and analysis can make survey results clear to the everyone.
Recruitment bots
The Challenge
A proper inbound recruitment can get you several hundreds of applicants for a single position. Human recruiters cannot handle this volume of candidates that is why up to 90% of inbound applicants are left without an initial screening or any feedback.
The Solution
We help you to set personalized recruitment bots, that will start the conversation with the candidates as soon as they apply, conduct the first screening, send a trial task & provide a feedback after each stage. Bots can be scripted or AI-fueled. Never lose a good candidate again because of the overtasked human recruiter.
Key benefits of using HR-tech
Savings for HR & Recruitment costs
Compared to hiring an old-fashioned internal recruitment team
Less cost per hire
Compared to working with an external recruiter/agency
Hiring team time saving
Compared to using the manual approach to recruitment
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